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We’re a Creative business - Fusing insight with strategy. Through understanding the value of people, Bureau disrupts with ideas that, engage, entertain and excite.

We create communications, campaigns, partnerships and environments that matter most to our clients through our philosophy of Free Time Choices™ and creative excellence.

Free Time Choices™

The BUREAU philosophy is to make a better future for clients by giving confidence in understanding and activate into peoples lifestyles.

Free Time can be deemed as a valued possessions, it’s a new currency into the psyche of what really maters to your consumers. We use this gateway to understanding individuals, tribes, movements, media, influencers, partnerships, content and how your brand consumer and your competitors consumer spend there free time. It’s a vital part of the journey that sits seamlessly with market research, competitor analyses, good ideas and client needs.

Bureau use a dynamic research group of 2.5 million people in the UK; the data is gathered using social analysis that is constantly updated and connects to 100% of the social spear, not just those that are noisy, the 18% but also the quiet ones (82%) that do have a story to tell. The algorithm is the IP of our data partner and our insight into the world of lifestyle is exclusive to the BUREA team. The global research pot of over 1 billion people can be triggered when the need is required.

A year in the making – we researched the lifestyles of 18 – 45 years measuring engagement and growth to build insight into 50 Free Time Choices™ that matters most to this age group: Lifestyle events, culture, cultural habitats, the entertainment industry and a selection of passions around creative and making… Growing trends!

Feel the data.
Free the love.

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